Collection Management


​Acuity offers comprehensive collection management services incorporating the complete cataloguing, inventory, valuation and photography of existing collections on a once-off or ongoing basis at competitive rates. Our trusted service provider offerings include, but not limited to: logistical solutions, restoration, conservation, framing and storage, all actioned & managed meticulously by our team. 

We understand that collecting art often entails extensive paperwork, time and management & offer a bespoke solution which is tailored to each client's requirements, collection size & budget. Every facet of the collection experience is catered for: acquisition (buying and bidding services), collection/delivery, framing, conservation/restoration, installation and hanging, cataloguing & management & storage. A once-off fee per work ensures that collectors can rest assured that no unseen costs are incurred.


Our customised offering also includes advice on display, reframing and loaning of work to exhibitions to the collector or entity looking to better manage their holdings. Collection Management clients also have access to an array of complimentary services to enhance their collecting experience.

Art Advisory

We offer extensive knowledge of South African and international art markets, with a special focus on art from the African continent. While we specialise in contemporary art we have equal facility with and knowledge of modern work from the            twentieth century. We pride ourselves in our ability to bring together the right works with the right collectors at the right price and this passion is driven by our transparent approach to pricing, our flexible commission structures, as well as extensive networks offering access to works of the highest quality in all our collecting segments.


We are available for acquisition and de-accession projects for private collectors, artists, galleries and institutions and apply

a bespoke solution to each of our clients based on their requirements, budget and time frame. 

Artist Representation

Our range of in-house expertise extends to offering advisory & management services to artists who are without formal gallery representation. Our approach to aiding artists in making their works commercially available is atypical to the market and allows us to ensure that the artist is being developed and administratively supported in a way which protects her/his market, develops it and ensures that correct practices are employed to assure maximum profit return, exposure & development for the individual. 

Our extensive client networks allow us to place works in private collections and in so doing create further distribution of the artist's representation without a large part of the proceeds of commercial sale opportunities being redirected away from artists. We are passionate about ensuring that the artist is the majority benefactor from selling works & in so doing can re-invest more funding into the development of further work.